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Shasta 2020

Heat testing the system at Shasta Lake. Conclusion: Hot!

A New Chapter

A new chapter begins at the Kansas Street house. Jamming into the wee hours with Endres.

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Music In The Meadows 2

Another beautiful day in the park. Sharing the tables with Loic Tambay and Peter Clarke.

Music In The Meadows

Met on Thursday, partied on Sunday. Sharing the tables with Loic Tambay and Andy Koch.

One For Diego

Happy birthday Diego! This is the first mix with the Pioneer DDJ-1000. Can you hear the places where I forgot to turn off the effects unit (sigh)?

One For Carla

Happy birthday Carla! Maybe they’ll let me turn it up next time…

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One For Ross

Thanks for the great party Ross and Aldo!

A Night At Hawthorn

Happy birthday Dylan! Thanks Carla and Chadwick for the great venue.

Shasta 2018

The first DJ recordings from Shasta Lake.

One For Oren

Happy birthday to Oren and Mattia. Featuring DJ Dylon.

One For Alaa

Thanks for the sweet rooftop Ashley. Happy birthday Alaa!

One For Emma

Baby shower for Danny, Sandra, and Emma. Good times!


Top of Nema. Thanks Michael and Aldo :)

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A mix just for fun.

Roof Therapy

Memorial weekend Sunday on the roof for hours, but only recorded the first bit.

Upper Decker

Surprise opportunity to DJ on the roof.

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Fleet Week 2016

The one and only time on Dylan’s roof. Classic!

Rooftop Blast

You had to be there for part 2. I’m not actually sure this was from 2016. Maybe 2017?

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Solstice Parade

Set up alongside the Seattle Fremont Solstice Parade. Playing for nude bicyclists!

Royal Four To The Floor

The canonical mix from my residency at the Royal Bar & Patio. A Skydio favorite!


Recorded at a UW tailgate party in 2015. That dude with the trumpet played along at the end (sadly not in the recording).

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Golden Gardens 5

Another great day DJing at Golden Gardens beach in Seattle.

Golden Gardens 3

Live from Golden Gardens beach in Seattle. The first time I used my new JBL speakers!

Golden Gardens 2

At the beach again. I think I brought my subwoofer to go with the rockbox this time.

Sunday Morning

On Gerry’s deck while the more athletically inclined were embroiled in a gambit.

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Live From Neverland

Summer 2007. Recorded live on vinyl. There’s some fun live mashups using vocals from Ableton in here. This is the last vinyl mix I ever made before I full...

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Breakbeat Mix

One of my first proper mixes. Recorded live on vinyl, naturally.

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